Sound with Vision

Syn is an award-winning music agency and creative resource delivering from idea to execution around the globe


The Secret is in the Mix

Original music and sound design composed and produced at our world-class facilities 


Hit the Spot

Need a tune? Find fresh, totally original tracks for immediate use in the ever-expanding Syn Songs library


Make a Noise

Campaigns, integrated marketing and brand activations, from concept to finale, music included


Set the Scene

Live music and sonic branding for clients who want to sound the best they can


It's all about the voice

Recording and coordinating dialogue at our world-class facilities


I Dream of Wires

The brain and heart of the studio are a high-power, high-performance ProTools HDX digital audio workstation, linked to a NEVE Genesys, the classic, 32-channel British mixing desk that imbues every sound passing through it with a warm, human tone.

A vast collection of plug-ins and analog outboard effects lets engineers work in or out of box, or anywhere in between. A master clock by Antelope, the best in the business keeps everything ticking over in perfect sync.

VO, ADR and Real-Time
ISDN Recording

We handle every element of narration and voiceover recording for international clients, including talent casting and recording coordination. We cast VO artists, narrators and actors, and record dialogue for projects worldwide.  

We also produce VO content for TV, commercials, and corporate films. Our ADR director has a long track record of voice recording, direction and production. 

Our Prima ISDN codec system allows us to connect to studios anywhere in the world to remotely record narration, ADR and music vocals in real time, as if in the same room. For directors, producers and artists such as Sting, Jon Bon Jovi and Clint Eastwood, it’s like bringing Tokyo to their doorstep. 

The Syn Studio set-up creates a rich, unique sound. A rack of six classic NEVE 1081 pre-amps are teamed with a Fairchild 670 compressor, possibly the world’s most sought-after tube compressor, and beautiful vintage mics from the 1940s and 1950s are on hand to add a glow to vocals and voiceovers. 

The vocal booth at Syn Tokyo

The Syn Tokyo Studio is also available for hire. For more information, drop us a line.

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