HLN Frozen Moments 2021

1月 28, 2021

HLN showcases six of its original crime and mystery series in its 2021 addition to its annual “Frozen Moments” campaign, including How It Really Happened: The Jenny Jones Murder; Vengeance: Killer Millionaires; Forensic Files II; Lies, Crimes and Video; Very Scary People and Sex and Murder. Set to Syn’s rearrangement of ‘House of The Rising Sun’, with haunting vocals by UK based artist Alexina, the piece was created by HLN in collaboration with Minted Content, Cut & Run, Jogger Studios and our Tokyo-based team. Syn has collaborated with HLN and CNN’s creative team on three of its “Frozen Moments” campaigns each time taking classic songs and imbuing them with an entirely different, decidedly eerie mood.