Sumire - 'Home'

Dec 9, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there really is no place like home. Earlier this year, as the airports closed, and the world went online, we all returned to our homes as they doubled up to become our workplaces, our gyms, our hangouts and our havens. From London to Tokyo, Beijing to Brooklyn, Manila to L.A. - we have been reminded that the word ‘home’ has many different meanings. Is home the space you sleep in? Is it the city you live and work in? Or is it something more profound, perhaps ‘home’ is a person? Whatever your definition of ‘home’, we all pay tribute to our homes in different ways and what better a way to pay tribute than through music.

Sumire - the stage name of singer, actress and model Sumire Matsubara - has called many places ‘home’. Born in Tokyo, she was educated in Pennsylvania, USA where she studied Fine Arts, before settling in Hawaii where she now lives. Born into an innately creative family, (her parents are celebrated Japanese actors, Junichi Ishida & Chiaki Matsubara), she remembers being exposed to the arts from a young age, recalling “[my mother] would often take me to see musicals, Disney movies, and we would go karaoke together and perform for each other”. An early introduction into creativity has lead Sumire to thrive with a multitude of talents that refuse to pigeon-hole her into category or genre. Having guest starred in CBS hit ‘Hawaii 5-0’ in 2014, Sumire more recently starred in The Shack in 2017 and The Brighton Miracle in 2019, which features an original score by Syn’s CEO & Creative Director, Nick Wood and tells the story of the 2015 Rugby World Cup win by Japan over South Africa. Her work as a model has included collaborations with international brands, and her musical endeavours have been enjoyed by fans worldwide since her first release of music in 2013.

This past November, to coincide with Thanksgiving(Nov. 26th) , on November 24th, Sumire continued to share her talents with the world in a special-seasonal release of ‘Home’ (a cover of the Michael Bublé song from his 2005 album, ‘Its Time’), sung in both English and Japanese. The lyrics of the song long for elsewhere, “Let me go home, I’m just too far, from where you are, I wanna come home”, and reflect Sumire’s soulful and down-to-earth character. As a global person in the public eye, the spirit of this song is an important reflection on the subject of ‘home’ and what it means to be a person travelling on a journey and continuing to discover themselves as an artist.

Released and produced by Syn, Sumire conveys a sense of longing and heartfelt gentleness in this timely single. Nick Wood, Sumire, and the wider Syn team collaborated on this project, which was recorded at Syn’s studio in central Tokyo during the summer of 2020. A localised version of the original lyrics, carefully translated by Syn’s COO and co-producer, Yumi Tanabe Arnaudo, captures the essence of the song in both languages. From the Syn Studio in Harajuku, Sumires vision for a poignant and relevant single came to life as a socially distanced session captured her vocals, with musicians from the USA contributing to the finished track. The below montage gives a behind the scenes look at the session and invites you into Syn’s home in Tokyo.

At Syn, much like Sumire herself, we use the power of music to cross borders every day. Our global teams in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, London and LA keep us connected and, with daily zoom calls,give us a literal insight into each-other’s homes every day! Music - much like food, sport and friendship - has the power to evoke powerful memories and transport us back to the places we love. This holiday season, we are reminded that many people will be separated from their homes, and that is the inspiration behind this single - ‘Home’. Wherever home may be for you, we look forward to sharing ‘Home’ by Sumire with you and helping you feel closer to a home-coming in the near future.

Home’ is currently available on the following platforms:

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