Franciacorta Music Lounge (25th September)

Sep 25, 2015

ARMANI / RISTORANTE Wine Lounge hosts a series of exciting events combining fine Ca Del Bosco sparkling wines with live music acts, intriguingly referred to as ‘forbidden combinations’ on the last Friday of every month. Syn offers this mysterious alliance of a live instrument expertly combined with a trend setting DJ, which surely makes for a fascinating evening of entertainment. A selection of delicious Italian tapas will also be prepared to complete the experience.


Saxophone : Akihiro Yoshimoto DJ : MEGUMILK


1ST STAGE 19:30 - 20:10

2ND STAGE 21:00 - 21:40


ARMANI / GINZA TOWER 10F, 5-5-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 03-6274-7005

Syn and Tina Guo team up for Uniqlo Shanghai

Sep 23, 2015

Syn did the music for Uniqlo Shanghai featuring amazing Chinese cellist and erhuist Tina Guo.

Check out the spot here.

Syn LA works with Fujifilm on Astalift spots starring Seiko Matsuda and Takako Matsu

Sep 11, 2015

Syn LA’s Seiya worked with director Shoda Yukihiro and composers Aska Matsumiya and Alberto Bof on these Fujifilm spots starring Seiko Matsuda and Takako Matsu.

Yukihiro Shoda

Aska Matsumiya Aska has worked on the critically acclaimed documentary, “The Wolfpack”, as well as on “Blanka”, by Hasei Kohki.

Nick’s new Native Instruments “KOMPLETE KONTROL S88” has arrived!

Jun 11, 2015

Native Instruments has sent our captain Nick Wood their new KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 master keyboard to try out. #ChristmasCameEarly ! Judging from the photos, he hasn’t wasted any time in giving it a test run. And judging from his blog post, he couldn’t be happier about the new “BEAST”!

“I’ve been waiting for this beautiful master keyboard for several months now, and whilst using the smaller 49 note baby brother was a good experience, I’m much happier with this 88 note weighted keyboard and this one is fantastic. The keys feel really good, nice weight and having control over many of my favorite NI sounds, editing and scrolling through the various libraries has never been easier! it makes you wonder why no one did this earlier? Spitfire audio is also joining NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD) with their new Albion One library. This new keyboard allows me to work in a much more efficient, effective and creative way! As libraries have become so large with so many options and editing sounds so complex, NI have really delivered something so simple, yet powerful with this new controller! I’m sure more and more sample libraries will join NKS to make this the new global standard.” - Nick Wood

Photos by Norico

Parachute VFX & Syn collaborate on an homage to Tesla Motors

May 10, 2015

Director Sam O'Hare and executive producer Sara Eolin of Parachute VFX have teamed up with composer Alan Wolovitch, sound designer Alan Mawdsley, and producers Seiya Matsumiya and Kurt Pan to create this fully CG film as an homage to Tesla Motors.

Nick Wood, Syn’s CEO & creative director, orchestrated the aural elements of this global collaboration between Syn Tokyo, Syn USA, and Parachute VFX. The result is a breathtaking depiction of an eco-friendly future that takes over a dilapidated gasoline station that symbolizes the past.

Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Region promo spot

Feb 10, 2015

Syn produced an original theme song for a Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Region promo spot. The music was written in Japan. The vocals were written and recorded in LA.

Syn USA Opening Party

Dec 5, 2014

The Opening Party for the Troika consortium took place last Friday, May 9th. Syn USA is now officially open, and our studio up and running.

Around 400 people were in attendance, and everyone loved the Syn sake bar we set up with our custom masu cup.

Saudé Passion & Last Forever Now On Sale!!

Jun 11, 2014

With 24 hours left until the 2014 World Cup, we are delighted to announce 2 new releases from Syn Records with a distinctly Brazilian flavor available worldwide on iTunes from today.

Saudé Passion is our new world cup inspired EP featuring “Passion Rio Remix” by Big Al. For those of you who don’t know Passion, this is Nick Wood’s song written in 2000 for a Kirin TV commercial that has gone on to become an unofficial soccer anthem for Japan. The compilation also features remixes from all across Japan, from FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine) to RHYMESTER/breakthrough’s DJ Jin, and Jazzy Sport veterans DJ Mitsu the Beats and grooveman Spot. This exciting new release is the perfect mix for pre-kick-off festivities, balancing a gamut of electronic styles, each track its own definition of ‘soccer anthem’.

The second album out from Syn Records today is the long awaited “Last Forever” by Silvio Anastacio. This album has been years in the making it is with great pleasure that we finally release it today! The album features a wonderful cover of Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” featuring a duet with Simon Le Bon and another duet with Brazilian super star Bebel Gilberto. Other guests include Dr. John and Ronnie Cuber and the title song “Last Forever” written by Nick Wood and Robert Palmer. Silvio’s album is a great body of work thanks to some incredible contributions by producer Wata Igarashi, mixing engineer Nick James.