Syn LA works with Fujifilm on Astalift spots starring Seiko Matsuda and Takako Matsu

Sep 11, 2015

Syn LA’s Seiya worked with director Shoda Yukihiro and composers Aska Matsumiya and Alberto Bof on these Fujifilm spots starring Seiko Matsuda and Takako Matsu.

Yukihiro Shoda

Aska Matsumiya Aska has worked on the critically acclaimed documentary, “The Wolfpack”, as well as on “Blanka”, by Hasei Kohki.

Parachute VFX & Syn collaborate on an homage to Tesla Motors

May 10, 2015

Director Sam O'Hare and executive producer Sara Eolin of Parachute VFX have teamed up with composer Alan Wolovitch, sound designer Alan Mawdsley, and producers Seiya Matsumiya and Kurt Pan to create this fully CG film as an homage to Tesla Motors.

Nick Wood, Syn’s CEO & creative director, orchestrated the aural elements of this global collaboration between Syn Tokyo, Syn USA, and Parachute VFX. The result is a breathtaking depiction of an eco-friendly future that takes over a dilapidated gasoline station that symbolizes the past.

Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Region promo spot

Feb 10, 2015

Syn produced an original theme song for a Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Region promo spot. The music was written in Japan. The vocals were written and recorded in LA.