DOT Nation Jollibee

Feb 5, 2020

Syn Music partnered with the Philippines Department of Tourism for their campaign "Eats. More Fun in the Philippines”. The spot, directed by Sid Maderazo together with BBDO Guerrero, features the Jollibee mascot, Filipino chefs JP Anglo and Jordan Andino, and the Filipino YouTuber and comedian Mikey Bustos, and follows the three men as they explore the various delicacies throughout the Philippines.

To add a dramatic flair, whilst keeping the overall light-hearted feel of the commercial, We rearranged Vivaldi "The Four Seasons”, combining the introduction from “Summer” with an original composition. We recorded live strings and added in traditional Filipino instruments, Rondalla and Kulintang, for some extra authentic local flavor. The final seasoning was a light sprinkle of sound design to add a musical sting to the jokes.