HLN Crime & Investigation

Dec 10, 2019

“HLN’s crime shows are intense, captivating stories centered around discovery. With each narrative, viewers dig deeper and play detective, tracking the clues and forensic evidence. HLN wanted the spots to prompt the same entertaining behavior, so CNN Creative Marketing’s Vice President & Group Creative Director Whit Friese and his team began curating related evidentiary objects – bullets, a VHS tape, cigarette butts and the like.
Airing on a network that people typically turn on and leave on, jumping in and out with their attention, another goal for the campaign was to have it be a clutter-buster and disruptor. Friese had the idea to accomplish this with sound and called in Syn to complete the creative team. Eerie snippets of 911 calls and interrogations, clinks of metal bullets dropping, crunching footsteps across gravel and similar audible devices prompt one to stop and pay attention, but chiefly shape the narrative.
“It was an exciting challenge to be given strictly images, no scripts, and be tasked to bring them to life,” said Nick Wood, Executive Creative Director for Syn. “This was the first time we’ve created a campaign where music and sound design were the driving storytelling devices.”