Marc Newson

Feb 5, 2020

Syn worked with Marc Newson to create an original composition for Marc’s new metal surfboard film which follows big-wave surfing daredevil Garrett McNamara as he conquers monster waves, including footage of his legendary feat at Nazaré, Portugal. The epic music score combined with the stunning visuals are sure to leave your heart racing. The addition of sound design and a 5.1 surround mix to the track, which was composed and produced by Nick Wood and the Syn team, brought the whole thing together to create an aurally and visually all encompassing experience.

Composer - Nick Wood

Arranger - John Jones

Production, Bass guitars - Al Wolovitch

Sound Design - Alan Mawdsley

Chief Mix Engineer - Takashi Akaku

Guitars - Sean Halley

Drums - Randy Cooke

Saxophone - Andy Wulf

Vocals - Phil Bardowell

Garrett McNamara

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