Cannes Lions 2022

7月 25, 2022

Since 1984, Cannes has hosted the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity - a week-long gathering of like-minded individuals from across the globe’s creative industries, with an

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Syn Songs Vocaloid

4月 1, 2022

Mew, Merli, Cyber Diva, Megpoid and Galaco - what does this ensemble of intergalactic names all have in common? Well, they are all Vocaloid products; a singing voice synthesiser product mimicking

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Sayo Film

2月 4, 2022

‘Sayo’, directed by Jeremy Rubier, is a film about a journey. Nagisa (played by Nagisa Chauveau) lost her twin-sister two years ago, and after months of prayer at a local temple, a chance encounter

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Made In Japan Vinyl Album

11月 26, 2021

Whilst it’s no surprise that the last 18-months have been tough for many parts of the music industry - the ‘live entertainment’ sector perhaps being the most obvious - it hasn’t been all gloom and

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Spatial Audio

10月 22, 2021

When Thomas Edison invented the first machine capable of recording and reproducing sound in 1877, he changed the face (or rather ‘ears’) of modern music and sound forever. His remarkably simple

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Tatcha 5 Senses Indigo

10月 2, 2021

The Indigo Plant (or ‘Indigofera Tinctoria’) has been valued by civilisations for hundreds, if not thousands of years. From the Ancient Greeks, to the Impressionist Painters, the leaves of this

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WOWOW Sonic Branding

8月 11, 2021

Sonic Identities, Mnemonics, Jingles, Stings, Sizzles, Corporate Identities - ‘Sonic Branding’ has been called many names. For the purposes of this piece, let’s refer to it as ‘A Sonic Identity’,

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