Spatial Audio

10月 22, 2021

When Thomas Edison invented the first machine capable of recording and reproducing sound in 1877, he changed the face (or rather ‘ears’) of modern music and sound forever. His remarkably simple

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Tatcha 5 Senses Indigo

10月 2, 2021

The Indigo Plant (or ‘Indigofera Tinctoria’) has been valued by civilisations for hundreds, if not thousands of years. From the Ancient Greeks, to the Impressionist Painters, the leaves of this

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WOWOW Sonic Branding

8月 11, 2021

Sonic Identities, Mnemonics, Jingles, Stings, Sizzles, Corporate Identities - ‘Sonic Branding’ has been called many names. For the purposes of this piece, let’s refer to it as ‘A Sonic Identity’,

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Nick Wood's Desk

5月 13, 2021

We often focus on ‘how’ or ‘why’ the creative process takes place, trying to understand the thought process of creativity at a conceptual level, but rarely do we look at ‘where’ these magical

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Amazon Oshogatsu Behind The Scenes

4月 8, 2021

‘Oshogatsu’ is a three-day national holiday in Japan celebrating the start of the New Year. It is a time for family, festivity and anticipation of the year ahead. These are the emotions that we sought

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Syn Most Contagious APAC

3月 16, 2021

A lot can happen in 1.8 seconds. A bumble bee can beat its wings over 300 times, a woodpecker’s head can make over 30 repetitions, and you can evoke a full spectrum of human emotions using music

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The Making Of CNN's 2021 Might Not Suck

2月 10, 2021

‘2021 Might Not Suck’ is a sentiment that we can all relate to. As we leave 2020 behind us and the well wishes of ‘Happy New Year!’ begin to ease from our inbox, we can all be hopeful that we are

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Music Curation

1月 22, 2021

In a conversation with a client last year, I asked what their favourite hotel was. The response (One of Paris’ most classic and luxurious hotels that shall remain nameless) was determined not just

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